Once we fund the Cultisifter on Kickstarter and get the tool into production, we want to get started on a larger version of the hand tool sized Cultisifter and produce one that can be attached to a standard rake handle. Over the years we have seen many video clips of women in developing countries working soil with hand tools and decrepit hoes, shovels and sticks. In most of these countries, the burden falls on women to grow food crops and at the same time, raise their children. How many times have you seen photos and video clips of women carrying their babies in slings or on their back while they’re working in the field? Our instincts tell us that a scaled up version of the Cultisifter as it is now would make soil preparation a bit easier for many women – no more squatting down to remove unwanted organic and non-organic debris from the soil – let alone squatting down carrying a baby or small child. Will it work? Well, it’s not been done before so who’s to say it won’t.

Once the Cultisifter is into commercial production we intend to set aside a portion of sales towards the development of a larger version of the Cultisifter. We will get prototypes into the hands of some farmers to see if this tool can make their lives just a little bit easier. If the interest is there, we hope to build a social enterprise where a portion of sales will go sending Cultisifters to agricultural communities in need.

Dig, Sift, Drop